X Drug dealers and Gang leaders get grants in Chicago

West Garfield Park , Chicago Il, residents are pissed off after hearing that the City Of Chicago  and the state of Illinois is giving out grants to former gang members  and notorious drug dealers who are  partially responsible for the chaos and killing and discord currently happening in the most violent neighborhood in the city. On Sunday, November 4, 2023.The Chicago Sun-times Newspaper ran an article about X gang member Marcus Moon on how he’s attempting to revitalize the neighborhood that he help turn into a shit hole. But what the Chicago sun-times isn’t mentioning is how much money the state of Illinois and the city of Chicago is paying hm for his efforts.In the last decade the city have sponsored similar unsuccessful programs like the one Mr Moon is participating in, prior to the neighborhood becoming the most violent neighborhood in the city.

Long time residents are voicing concern about the money that is being paid to X drug dealers and gang members who may still have possible ties to the gangs that they led. West Garfield resident Regina Thompson said programs like these have never worked and the teens that are out here committing heinous crimes like car jacking, snatch and grabs are not listening to no one, that includes, Mr Moon or any other former gang member, Mr.Moon has no clue how to stop the million dollar a year illegal selling of weapons that are entering our neighborhood. Teens are walking the streets with guns, shootings happen daily. The gap between the older generation and the younger generation is wider then it has ever been.Gentrification is quietly happening, Its kinda sad to see the lack of investment happening in our community not One good grocery store, no fresh fruit markets. During the summer the parks are empty no little baseball for the boys, No soft ball for the girls, kids are Just roaming the streets and our governor, mayor, and alderman our allowing hundreds of thousands of dollars to be disbursed to X drug dealers/gang members who our being spotted at local bars like chillz ,located on north central avenue two or three days a week.