Who Is: Juan Guaido

This shows what type of country the United States is: U.S main stream Media is supporting the overthrowing of democratically elected  President.

This Guy Needs to be arrested and put under the jail for attempting to destroy his country. How would he feel if he was the sitting president and a president from another country told him, he’s know being replaced by a person his people didn’t elect.

This Guy is trying to sale the souls of the Venezuelan people. He Has no clue on who he is dealing with.  Juan Guaido seems the to be the perfect puppet for the U.S government to use for the stealing and controlling the Venezuelan peoples assets. How can a guy Who didn’t event participate in Venezuela last elections be even considered for the presidency. Only the U.S government would do something like this. The U.S has to think that the people of Venezuela are desperate, naive and easy to deceive and Juan Guaido is the perfect man to get the U.S government the control they need over the people and the assets of Venezuela. Most people living in Venezuela haven’t forgotten how U.S invaded and now control neighboring countries like Panama and Columbia and how the people of those countries are still suffering. U.S has no rights to appoint anybody’s president of any country. they cant even keep the elections in their own country free of corruption. America currently has a sitting President in office who majority of the country didn’t vote for. Who gives the U.S the right to make decisions for another country when their own country is still riddled  with racism, income equality, corporate and government corruption, police brutality, corrupt justice system.