Who and what does Jeffrey Epstein know

Jeffrey Epstein Knows who owns the Telephone Numbering Code System, this is the system where all telephone numbers derive from. The telephone number is the most important effect and element to your smartphone or wireless phone. Without your telephone number, there’s no way for people to know who you are when you’re calling them. Most people never think about their telephone number or who owns it, why should I care. Well, your telephone number is a form of identity. Mr Jeffrey Epstein knows who owns the Telephone numbering Code and all the intellectual property rights surrounding the invention. there are currently close to 6 billion telephone numbers circulating worldwide. At $1 a number per month, that equals over 5 Billion dollars monthly. That’s a lot of cash. The people who are profiting off the numbering code system and not paying the inventors family, wants to destroy Jeffrey Epstein before he shed light on the conspiracy and theft. NBS100.com