Vengeance instead of forgiveness

you cant lock Evil up

Vengeance instead of forgiveness

 What’s justice.

People wanting other people to suffer is snowballing world wide. Every time someone is effected by a crime our media outlets shows the victim or family members of the victim screaming for justice. But how do you define justice in a world where one percent of the worlds population owns almost ninety percent of the worlds wealth. 

If a person is convicted of domestic violence, it seems logical that we should have that person pay his debt to society by teaching others the importance of not committing domestic violence since this type of crime is shunned upon.

If we want to stop poverty in the world teach the rich or those that are in positions to give, to give more. If we really wanted to stop murder and violence in the world the best thing to do is to have those that commit violence and murder mentor to kids and adults about the importance of live and living in harmony. Letting people that have committed such crimes sit in jail without giving something positive back to a society they negatively affected is not productive.

All Religion’s supposedly advocates peace and forgiveness, but it seems like the congregation’s  and members easily forget what thier religion is all about.

United states of America supposedly has the worlds best universities. and still  students haven’t learned

  1. How to live in harmony
  2. How to treat others like they would like to be treated
  3. How to rid poverty
  4. Stop corporate greed
  5. Stop using violence as means of solving issues
  6. Reduce the prison population
  7. Sharing