United States Patent and Trademark Office and Google’s unannounced partnership

The United States Patent and Trademark Office employees are referring people that are looking for information regarding Patents or other intellectual property’s issued out prior to 1978 to We contacted the USPTO regarding the inventor of the Wireless Telephone numbering code system. This is the system where all ®™© Wireless Telephone Numbers derive from. We Knew that the Government didn’t create the system or any of today’s Telecommunications companies that are providing wireless services to over 4.5 Billion People worldwide, didn’t.  We also knew that the inventor of the ®™© Wireless Telephone Nathan B. Stubblefield was an American. We Know that Nathan created a numbering code system to connect and identify his users. What we didn’t know was how did the United States Government get control of this Numbering code system and help every nation in the world develop their numbering code system without compensating the Heirs of Nathan B. Stubblefield, who’s intellectual Properties are protected within the Nathan B.Stubblefield Family and Trust.

Territorial Deeds

AMERICAN WIRELESS TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO.  The First Wireless Telephone Company Established In America. The American Wireless Telephone & Telegraph Co. was incorporated under the laws of the territory of Arizona on November 10, 1899, with a capitalization of five million dollars. Dr. Gustav P. – Gearing Group Of Companies, was the founder. In the following months The American Telephone And Telegraph Company – AT&T – Replaces The American Bell Telephone Company.

In 1899 American Wireless Telephone & Telegraph company was using area codes (Territorial deeds)to identify their users.

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AT&T and Bell Laboratories claimed to have developed the country code numbering system in 1947, another Lie. AT&T knew or should’ve have known that the same numbering system had already been used.

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  1. None of this information is readily accessible on Google Patent
  2. Google Patent, don’t provide any information about the numbering code system that Nathan B. Stubblefield used to identify and connect his users or territorial deeds, this information his hidden from the public.
  3. Google tells us that Marconi invented the radio but google never tell us that Marconi never experimented with transmitting voice from point to point. Marconi’ invented a dit dah system which is not radio as we know it, (No Voice).

It is no secret that Google and the American Government has established an unbreakable bond. How far will they go to hide the truth from truth seekers? The USPTO was directed to refer callers to Google for a reason.