TRUTH: United States of America has 3rd world internet service

Nathan B.Stubblefield the founder and inventor of the wireless Telephone and the telephone numbering code system in which Our IP address system derived from is rolling over in his grave knowing that telecommunication companies like ATT,Verizon and Tmobile, are depriving U.S consumers of high speed internet service. Its already bad enough that that they dupped us into believing that a smartphone isn’t a wireless telephone. The architect behind the conspiracy to mislead the American public and the world is the worlds largest and oldest Telecommunication company ATT formerly known as “American Telephone & Telegrah co” but quietly changed their name to ATT wireless in October 2004. There is no record of ATT’s founder Alexander Bell ever successfully experimenting with wireless connections. So why is ATT the number one wireless communications company in America. This Explains why Americans Has 3rd world internet service. Consumers in Japan and France are paying less for broadband and getting faster connections.The Internet was created in the U.S so why aren’t we enjoying the fruit of our Labor Because companies Like ATT and trade groups that they create and fund Like CTIA, Lobby to make sure we don’t reap the benefits of being the great innovators that we are. republicans and democrats alike have aligned themselves with large internet companies like ATT AND Comcast so the trend of forget whats best for the consumer will continue until we “internet users” come together and demand change.