U.S sanctuary city crisis. illegal immigrants invasion

Democrats are giving undocumented immigrants  benefits that are supposed to go constituents.  

Close to 1.5 Million Americans are homeless. Living on the streets and in cars and elected officials are allowing undocumented immigrants to receive cash, housing and food vouchers . Sanctuary states like Illinois are allowing non citizens to become law enforcement officers. Chicago Citizens are outraged at the new law passed by sitting Governor J.B Pritzker. Hundreds of undocumented immigrants are arriving weekly by greyhound and being dropped off in front of police stations were they remain until free housing is provided. Millions of single parent U.S citizens were notified that their food vouchers/link cards will be terminated on or around September 4, 2023, And most are wondering how could the state provide assistance to illegal immigrants before making sure that constituents are well off. 

 I had to see the migration with my own eyes, so I traveled to Chicago to witness the buses of immigrants being dropped off at police stations through out the city and I was blown away at how they are allowed to sleep right in front of the police stations. Chicago has one of the largest homeless populations in America, and no homeless person were ever allowed to camp out in front of any police station.Homeless encampments are being destroyed all around America and the homeless are being directed to homeless shelters but illegal immigrants are allowed to sleep in front of police stations until housing is provided.

Republicans are expecting millions of loyal democratic voters to jump ship due to huge upticks in gun violence, retail theft, and other high profile crimes happening in democratic ran cities. Donald Trump is leading candidate for the upcoming 2024 presidential race, and is expected to win. Trump is facing criminal charges in three different states but his supporters seems to being growing and the money he’s raising this stage in his campaign is unmatched by any other candidates.