U.S.A Border pandemic

Who are the hundreds of unvetted Migrants entering the U.S.A everyday? 

I cant help but wonder if leaders from other countries  like China, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Iraq, North korea and other countries who are not allies of the U.S are sending people, (possibly spies), into the country courtesy of the southern boarder. I”ve Honestly visited with these thoughts a very large percentage of the time when i see migrants, “No Lie” thought of this possibly happening 

/tormenting me daily, 

every time I see migrants roaming the streets of the U.S. and whats more troubling is the fact the number of illegal crossings continue to grow daily. Thousand of illegal migrants are being bused to three largest cities in America every day, getting dropped off in neighborhoods that until recently were considered safe.

 Nobody Knows who these people are, where they came from or where they’re going. Ninety eight percent of the migrants i come across cant speak english and on top that I cant speak language. The encounter are  unusual uncomfortable and sometimes very scary.  a very large percentage of the migrants are men in their 20’s and 30’s in new apparel. And I wonder is how can a person travel all the way through Mexico and their shoes are still look new, clothes look new. Im still wondering where in the hell did you get that coat from. How did you get the money to purchase is it. 

 Theres not a doubt in my mind that America’s enemies have planted spies all across the U.S. Its just to easy not to. Usually Presidents of countries have access to cash and resources and knowing that Americans are so easily deceived, very naive, racist, greedy , and always in a war somewhere. Right now would be the perfect time to get people in and set up shop. 

If you have money, the sky is the limit in America, theres basically nothing you can’t do. Just operate like the millions of other illegal immigrants that have been living in America  for decades without getting Caught. Thats the key, “Not, getting Caught” .  Chances are much better if you’re of European decent.

Russians own property and businesses in almost every city, Chinese as well, actually they have their own communities, theres a china town in every city and a Chinese restaurant in almost every fucking neighborhood, seriously. Money and drugs by the tons are being exchanged

routinely.Guns and other weapons are sold on first come first serve, basis, no discrimination.If you have cash, you can by homes, cars, no questions asked, you can open up businesses fund presidential campaigns, etc. In Los Angeles the  Armenians control the Marijuana trade, Jews control the Media in almost every major city. The Urban community grocery stores are controlled by the Arabs. Zionist Jews are building tunnels under Synagogues in New York.

Yes as a citizen of the U.S.A i’m scared as fuck.Current President  Joe Biden is still allowing un documented migrants enter the country. Illinois governor Prizter, is allowing undocumented immigrants to apply to become sworn in Police officers.