Time to sanction the U.S

Every week we hear about the U.S imposing sanctions on governments of sovereign nations purposely attempting to destroy the lives of millions of innocent people.

Who do, America think they are

The America media is so untruthful and unreliable to its citizens it’s almost unbearable to write about. You cant find one Black-owned Broadcasting Station in America. Media outlets like Fox and CNN are all political driven America first, America is always right mentality that has driven millions of Americans to seek news from foreign sources.

Never trust British news outlets

Britain and America are allies which is the reason you should never trust what the British media have to report because their reports are always aligned and rarely conflicting. We must not forget how easy it was for America to get the Britians to invade Iraq and Libya. The U.K government is just as slimy and predictable as the U.S.

Both nations profited of slavery, allowing men women to be bought, sold and treated as property. And still to this day both nations are struggling with race relations, income inequality, police brutality. easy to say that the great grandkids and grandkids of slave owners are following the footsteps of their forefathers.