The culture of our state agencies

Illinois rogue state reputation, and the hidden tortfeasor culture of its state agencies makes it one of the worse states in America to live in.

Civil unrest is inevitable for the state Illinois and the cities that they house. Government officials all through out the state are knowingly and intentionally destroying families, Creating and facilitating criminal behavior.Making the lives of Chicagoan’s miserable.   

While everybody around the nation is wondering how and why crime is so ongoing and what can be done to stop it.Illinois government officials are quietly creating laws that make people become violent.There are a number of anomalies in the present system. 

For instance  the U.S government awarded the state of Illinois grant money through a Grant called (TANF), cash assistance for single parents who live in the state. The (IDHS) Illinois Department of human services are assigned to disburse the money.It’s very important that the readers know that the Families that are receiving the cash assistance are totally unaware that a family member is responsible for paying the money back. The family member thats responsible for paying the Grant money back is also unaware that he or she is liable for the debt.IDHS, uses another state agency (IHFS) Illinois Human Family Services to collect the money back from constituents.The (IHFS) has the power to suspend and revoke your passport, your drivers License or any other professional license, attach liens and levies to bank accounts and other personal property no matter where you live.

Whats even more compelling is that, judges cant even rule on the matter. People are complaining about DHS and HFS demanding money from them but not being clear what and when services were provided. None of the state agencies have shown any willingness in providing receipts or dates in reference to when the services were provided. All records of the debt is categorized as classified information  a debt that you supposedly owe and no one has to show you prove. The tortuous unethical process of trying  to speak with someone besides a call center representative is daunting. The only way to speak to a supervisor is by callback, meaning someone will call you within 72hours, thats only if the call center representative that you spoke with prior has said or told you something wrong.The catch is. The call center representatives aren’t doing anything wrong when they tell you that the money you owe the state for services they say they provided is classified..Now when the supervisor review the call theres no reason for a call back . So your stuck with a bill due that accrues interest to the state  who has the power to but levies and Liens on property, on top of that all government agencies can impose unrelated re-instatement fees. For instance: if your drivers license were suspended  because for any of debts owed to the state.each agency has the right to impose a separate re-instatement fee of $75 dollars.

Policy will never work if the culture of the government is rotten. IDHS and IHFS  culture is an accessory of criminal behavior that is actively being duplicated and replicated by none custodian parents throughout the state of Illinois. the rise of mental health issues can and should be attributed to the culture of DHS and HFS and other state departments


What branch of the U.S government  regulates how states disperses and administrates grants issued to them from the U.S  Government, thats created and made for U.S Citizens