Sanctuary city immigration Crisis is just what the U.S Government ordered.

Immigration crisis distraction

Thousands of immigrants invade American democratically ran cities, frustrating citizens and creating chaos for government officials. No One  can get straight answers from any government official regarding when will the bus loads of unvetted immigrants being dropped off at local police stations throughout the city end. Chicago which was just voted as the most traveled to city in America for the 7th straight year , is now facing  a crisis like never witness before and it doesn’t seem like the city mayor Brandon Johnson is prepared or has a plan to end the crisis. 

Creating Disgruntled Police Force

Thousands of unvetted migrants are roaming the streets loitering,  begging for money by day and sleeping in or around every police station in the city at night. Local parks and recreational spaces have been over run by migrants that don’t speak english language. Police officers are frustrated and confused because of the lack of training provided to deal with a crisis of this magnitude. Less than 15 percent of Chicago police officers speaks Spanish and 100 percent of the migrants entering Chicago speaks Spanish, on top of all that the average age of migrant being dropped off in the city is 18-24 year old males who all seem to be have been affiliated or currently is till involved in some type of illegal activity. Chicago already has one the highest gun violence and crime rates in the country that the police has to attend to and now are being asked to use skills or training that wasn’t provided by their employer to deal with none english speaking migrants.

How distractions are used to get people to ignore the bigger issue

 Rumors of the Dollar bill loosing its value is circulating worldwide. Could the immigrations be the distraction the U.S needs to keep the minds of the American people off the truth, Vice president Kamela Harris mention something of this nature before.The American government is known to use notorious tactics to avert the thoughts of their on citizens while something more serious is going on.