Republicans voters are 99.9 % all white

Republican Voters

100% Republican Voters:

  • Kluk Kluk Klan
  • Warmongers 
  • National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • Racist
  • White Supremacist
  • Slave Owners 
  • Grandkids, sons and daughters of Terrorist
  • Advocates for Income inequality

The Republican party has always attempted to keep American citizens divided. There’s nothing in the DNA of the Republican party that promotes godliness or unity amongst others. Income inequality, segregation and racism i just a few reasons  99% of the people living in the Southern part of the United States support Republican Initiatives. Most of these people inherited large sums of money from ancestors who profited off slavery. More and more white Americans reverting back to the Republican party because of the growing threat of diversity.

The Growing numbers of Black and Brown people living in America pose a threat to white power and white privilege. For centuries elected officers and officials have unfairly treated people of color and given white people an advantage economically, financially, educationally. Now that knowledge is readily accessible via internet and people are aware of all the advantages white America have and has had since invading and occupying the land. White Americans are becoming more and more fearful that people of color will retaliate for all the wrongs that were committed against their ancestors by the parents and grandparents of the white men and women living in America today. 

Fear is prevalent

White people are creating, purchasing and selling weapons and ammunition like the cut off time to purchase is tomorrow. Everywhere on the Globe people are speaking out about Western Greed and ungodliness. The Wars and inhuman acts committed by these powers makes people not trust them or want them around them.  The US State Department’s have a list of 29 countries that they warn Americans not travel too . All the countries on the list are full of people of color or is of the Islamic religion. Americas Evil doings will no longer be excepted or tolerated.