Radical racism reflourshing in America

  The last three years should’ve erased any doubts in the minds of people about the division going on in U.S.A.Their are two Americas, White America and the rest of the population. No matter how hard the Media try to undermine the race relations between the whites and the non whites and the growing anger the have-nots have toward the wealthy, the division continues to rapidly grow. It has gotten to the point where a foreign nation really don’t have to do much to cause a mass hysteria in the .U.S.A, our own government is currently doing it for them.People are becoming so sick of each other, weapons and ammunition sales in America our at all times high. Income equality is broadening,  young white people are moving from the suburbs to the city in the hundreds of thousands.Latino’s and blacks are being forced out of there neighborhoods and given housing vouchers to live in the outter skirts of the city. City’s like North Hollywood in California once an up and coming low to middle class community filled with blacks and latino’s, has been gentrified and now the Noho Community is 90 Percent white.

Chicago has secretly gentrified the whole city. Neighborhoods like Humboldt Park/Logan Square which was a 90%Puerto Rican community, now its 90 percent white, Blue Island was predominantly 98%Latino, now its 90% white, Wicker park is the same the only difference is thats it’s currently 100% white, and Old Town, where the Cabrini greens housing projects were build to house thousands of black families in downtown Chicago were destroyed and replaced with luxury condo’s. black families that lived in the neighborhood for decades were forced out and giving apartment vouchers to move to the suburbs and now the prime land is being occupied by white people. Brooklyn New York has seen the effects of gentrification and no public figure has taken any action to prevent it.  Oh I forgot  music Mogul JayZ mentioned it Once, in one of his songs. Wake up People !