Division in the Supreme Court

Division in the Supreme Court

Division in the Supreme court  America is fully divided and the world is witnessing it  America’s greatness has definitely diminished in the world. The division amongst its people and its judicial system are signs of more bad things to come. Simple things like people’s privacy and keeping families intact has been politicized and made to […]

The More creative we become the less powerful they are

The effects of net- neutrality You may not see any change in your internet service yet, because the internet service providers (ISP) are smart enough not to implement any changes quickly, but they are greedy enough to add additional meaningless fees slowly but surely over the next 6 months to a year. Best believe the […]

FCC finally made it worse for all web users

June 11th , 2018 is the day the FCC diseased the the internet. We no longer have equal access to all web content. Internet service providers now have the power to block websites, throttle services and censor online content. They will have the right to discriminate and favor the internet traffic of those companies with […]

Why do Royal Families still exist in Western countries?

Britain’s royal family wedding seem undemocratic, antiquated and very disrespectful and it’s Hard to believe that a democratic country like United States of America and all major Media outlets seems so obsessed with flooding the American public with unwanted news. ninety percent of the U.S public don’t give a fuck about the royal family of Britain. There […]

Will Artificial intelligence replace judges in America

With a growing numbers of states facing bankruptcy and more and more Americans living below poverty levels the likely hood of replacing judges with robots is the wises thing to do. The justice systems in three of the five largest cities in America rely on unethical payments from citizens accused of traffic and parking violations to fund the courts. The average Fee for a parking meter violation is $45.00 dollars.Thats no matter if you've already (more…)

Fight Back-Net neutrality

Once again American citizens are being cheated by the one's that are hired to protect them. There is absolutely  no reason the  FCC should allow companies like ATT and other internet providers to block, or  slow down access to specific online services. (more…)

U.S has the most Expensive Internet rates in the world. why? We created the internet.

internet Prices continues to rise

The internet service providers are raking in super profits while blatantly shortchanging the consumers by not giving them what they actually paid for. Over 300,000 complaints where filed against wireless phone companies and cable companies is 2015 according to FTC. The number of complaints increased by 50,000 in 2016. (more…)

File a Complaint

You’re not alone, Most web users have complaints about their Internet service and the numbers continues to grow with the dwindling numbers of Internet Service providers due to the mergers of top communication companies . hidden fees popping up lack of options-choices ineffective equipment identity theft suspicious emails incompetent technicians Inconsistency of WiFi configurations slow computer/network Restricted […]