No loans for Black People

No loans for Black People

Why is It so hard for Black people in America to get Loans? There are no full powered Black owned broadcasting stations in America and there is only one Black owned bank west of the state of Texas. Anybody can get a loan unless their Black. For centuries America’s politician’s and the general public […]

Facial recognition Technology being used on Kids

Facial recognition Technology unregulated   Complaints from Web users around the world about the misuse and sharing of peoples identity by large tech companies Like Facebook, Google, Amazon and others are being ignored. Governments around the world should examine law enforcement and commercial uses of the technology. As of Today law enforcement use of facial recognition […]

Think you own your Telephone number? Think twice.

” Who owns my telephone number“. These and other easy to answer questions and unanswered complaints from Smartphone users around the world are being ignored.  All Around the world Wireless Telephone Users including Cell phones, Smartphones any all other wireless devices that have a telephone number attached to it are complaining about the lack of […]

Facebook records you 24 hours a day

Facebook app watches and records you 24 hours a day.  Research scientists at Northwestern University in Boston spent a year trying to determine whether or not smartphone applications are secretly recording our private conversations to send personal data to advertisers. Fortunately, the researchers did not find any evidence to support that long-held theory. They did, […]

Who Benefited from U.S lie

U.S  pleads guilty to hiding the truth about the real inventor of the Telephone. 145 years later Italian inventor Antonio Meucci is finally recognized. Who benefited from the conspiracy? How many other lies are being hidden by the government of United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) and why should they be trusted.The specialist that […]

The two men who created the domain name system(DNS) used tax payers dollars to fund their research.

Did the men who created the internet get suckered  by the governments that funded them or are they part of the scheme The internet has become much more “centralised” (in the tech crowd’s terminology) than it was even ten years ago. Both in the West and in China, the activities this global network of networks makes possible are dominated by a few giants, from Facebook to Tencent. this pattern—a disruptive new network being infiltrated by a new hierarchy—has many (more…)

Dont Blame the cops – Blame big tech companies

Don’t Blame the Cops Blame the Big tech Companies for not fighting for their customers rights Why didn’t our Telephone service providers and Big tech Companies Like Apple,Google and Facebook tell us that they were sharing all our personal information with Government officials who requested it without a warrant.  For years big tech companies and […]

Division in the Supreme Court

Division in the Supreme court  America is fully divided and the world is witnessing it  America’s greatness has definitely diminished in the world. The division amongst its people and its judicial system are signs of more bad things to come. Simple things like people’s privacy and keeping families intact has been politicized and made to […]

The More creative we become the less powerful they are

The effects of net- neutrality You may not see any change in your internet service yet, because the internet service providers (ISP) are smart enough not to implement any changes quickly, but they are greedy enough to add additional meaningless fees slowly but surely over the next 6 months to a year. Best believe the […]

FCC finally made it worse for all web users

June 11th , 2018 is the day the FCC diseased the the internet. We no longer have equal access to all web content. Internet service providers now have the power to block websites, throttle services and censor online content. They will have the right to discriminate and favor the internet traffic of those companies with […]