America Hero is the bad the bad guy

Private Military death squads

“Blackwater” Private Military company new name is“Academi/Constellis” Blackwater private military company was founded in 1997 by a well known proclaimed racist Eric Prince after serving in the United States of America naval academy for a few years.  What do they do? Kill People With no oversight they’re able to arrest, detain and murder people at […]

Words from the Devil

Words from the Devil Another Scholar from One of America’s prestigious Universities  supported by dozens of other under achieved graduates from other top universities in America has translated the Bible ( KingJames version). Attempt to persuade misguided catholics and christians world wide that have already and continues to be mislead by men who has no […]

U.S soldier speaks

The US supplies the world with a preponderance of its weapons and fuels a plurality of its animosities. The U.S is the only power to have ever dropped the bomb, that it did so twice, and that it did so not to end a world war (a war that was about to end anyway) but […]

You’re Fired for Boycotting Israel?

Israel spent close to $5 billion dollars to get president Trump elected and no media outlets have mentioned a word about the negative impact it had on American elections. 26 of the 50 states in America has mandatory laws that ban employees from boycotting Israel. These secret Laws were passed by Republicans as well as […]

Doctor’s aren’t as smart as people think they are

Not as smart as we think

  When it comes to mental illness and treating mental illnesses most psychiatrist would agree that they aren’t as smart as people think they are. The top four ranking medical schools in the U.S haven’t produced a single Doctor’s that knows how to rid the U.S of its gun violence epidemic. No Psychiatrist that has ever graduated from Harvard, John Hopkins, New York University or Stanford ever learned how to prevent mass shootings.


Black America, Shame On You

Every black person in America has a family member that has served prison time or is currently  serving prison time.Even as more and more black people are going to the voters both in America nothing is changing. Income equality has gotten worse, Black unemployment is still high, Blacks living below the poverty level is high, Black communities are still riddled with crime and a lack of resources, and the politicians from both parties haven’t done anything to stop the justice system form continuing to send black men to prison. The numbers are staggering. The United States of America has the



America Is in Intensive Care  America has been sick for a while, and has avoided  treatment that could’ve have cured her, now the ill effects of her racism, off shore hiring of cheap labor, wealth inequality, government corruption,  war-mongering, ignoring  global warming, weak gun control policies, police brutality, unfair judicial system, and weapon manufacturing have become life threatening with no cure.  (more…)

Dark history of America’s top universities

The dark History of America’s top universities  One would think that a degree from one of America’s top universities would be great thing for society. Schools Like Harvard, Princeton and Yale Hands out thousands of degrees yearly but America remains one of the most racist and segregated countries on the planet. Which leads to the question, what are these students truly  learning at these (more…)

China and Europe creating their own internet

China and Europe creating their own internet Europe, America and China — are generating sets of rules, regulations and norms that are beginning to rub up against one another. What’s more, the actual physical location of data has increasingly become separated by region, with data confined to data centers inside the borders of countries with […]