Ozempic deadly Side affects

Oprah Winfrey, the new face of the weight loss revolution, and the amount of money that she’ll receive for the endorsement of Ozempic, and its related weight loss medications is mind blowing, Oprah one hour special on national tv had everybody surprised. Oprah did everything in her power to make people believe that the weight lose drug is safe to consume. which is totally the opposite.For the medications to work effectively. Patients will have to consume the medications for the rest of their lives.

Novo And Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company is due to make billions of dollars from selling the life-altering drug. Entertainers like Kelly Clarkson lost over one hundred pounds in a matter of weeks from taking Ozempic. And she looks like she’s barely recognizable, I wouldn’t know who she was if o walked passed her in a mall. The Ozempic drug seems to be having deadly negative effects on people. Rapper 50 cents recently admitted taking Ozempic, and it’s not hard to tell the drug has sucked all the meat off the bones of his face.50 cents A.K.A (Kurtis Jackson) looks like he’s in hospice care due to 4th stage ugliness.

That hasn’t stopped the influx of other celebrities who are willing to do anything but work out to lose weight. Hopefully, they take a good look a Kelly Clarkson and 50 cents and take a different route. Ozempic is a dangerous drug with deadly side effects.