If Net Neutrality is working, why change it?

In 2014 Obama administration overwhelmingly approved “Net Neutrality” backed by the majority of U.S population. Because the Internet was created as this network with no gate keeper. This allowed consumers freedom from censorship, the ability to communicate with people from around the world instantaneously, that in itself promotes innovation in its purest form. Government officials knew the importance of prohibiting  ISPs from speeding up, slowing down or blocking any legal content, applications, services, or websites. ISPs were also banned from giving or selling access to “fast lanes” where traffic could be prioritized.

 “If net neutrality is working, why change it”

So when FCC chairman Ajit Pai says he wants to dismantle Net-neutrality because of innovation concerns, makes me question if he’s being genuine or not. Net-neutrality have proven to be an effective rule that benefits all web users except large corporations like ATT, Verizon and Comcast, whom would immediately benefit greatly being regulated by the FTC. ISPs would be allowed to charge users more to access certain websites, slow down services to websites they don’t agree with, or block websites entirely.

Out of the nearly 300,000 complaints filed by U.S consumers in 2016 about there wireless and mobile services, none mentioned anything about the lack of innovation..

Tim Berners-Lee One of the founding fathers of the internet is a proud supporter of net-neutrality for ensuring the openness and decentralization of the Internet while balancing the rights and duties of governments, corporations and users.