My TV and Internet bill: part 1

Tv and Internet providers worldwide are charging customers way too much for the services they provide. There is no excuse for terrible customer service. In America, the leading TV And Internet service provider is a foreign company that was founded in the U.K. Racal Electronics plc founded in 1950 was a British electronics company, that sold radio equipment to the British military. Racal also set up two American firms on its own in 1980. Changed their name to Verizon in 1982 and created Vodafone in September of 1991.on June 30, 2000, Verizon merged with  Bell Atlantic Cor 

This is how it works

When companies operating in America hire people they get huge tax cuts. which means the government gets to tax more people. Corporations become richer, workers become poorer and the government collects more taxes.

wake up world.. start sharing your internet with your neighbors and watch how quickly things change.

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