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Feel Safer, Knowing that somebody represents you.
  • Access Loans to help build your company
  • Access to a steady stream of superior goods, products, services and WiTEL server farm facilities
  • Broader safety and security 
  • Identity theft protection tutorials
  • Fighting for the rights for consumers to have control over their personal information.
  • Free WiFi site listings
  • control your internet experience
  • free advertisement for website
  • Kudo ads
  • Lobby for increased data and other goods and services
  • We Help all our members file complaints or do it on there behalf.
  • are you experiencing extremely high over cap surcharges every time you go over your data limit? we will fight for you
  • Do You Feel cheated when it comes to data usage? Do you question the accuracy of your Internet service provider data meters.
  • Data usage meters for members at a discounted price
  • Are you tired of low internet speeds
  • Do you have a problem with your ISP living up to their guarantee concerning DSL
  • Are you being over billed?
  • Have you been reimbursed/compensated for ISP mistakes, things like your internet downtime? 
  • Do you believe your ISP representative signed you up for a package that you would have never agreed to if you understood it?
  • Are you being denied internet  service because of your credit score?
  • Have your account been sent to collections after being assured the matter was resolved? 
  • Are you being charged for equipment that was returned or being billed for services that were cancelled?
  • are being charged for channels you didn’t order or unwanted services?
  • Have you moved to a new apartment/moved and are not getting internet service but till being charged?
  • Was your account closed without proper notification?
  • Help us convey price caps for cable and internet companies to protect our members
  • protection against false advertisement
  • We fight for better customer service from ISP for our members.
  • Have you been promised a credit that haven’t been issued?
  • Were you not compensated after being promised an internet installation date and the tech never showed up?
  • Are you being refused internet service from providers  that offer service in your area?
  • Were you promised discounts that you never received?
  • Are you experiencing internet service disconnecting and connecting through out the day
  • Was your internet contract renewed without your authorization
  • Would you like to cancel your service or get of your contract due to lack of quality  service?
  • Is your internet on your wireless devices not working as advertised (spotty 50/50 chance of working)
  • Do you qualify for low-income internet service? become a member lets find out .
  • Have you suffered a really bad accident and need some type hardship relief.
  • Hot spot not working properly/complaints.
  • We fight for standard pricing for our members like SAG does for their members.
  • Removal from bilk mailing list.
  • We fight for preferable billing preferences for our members.
  • Tools for young internet user..toturials and other educational info to make the experience safe and enjoyable
If you are not already a member, we urge you to consider joining, Our specialist are united in providing unwavering protection for all web users.
  1. Bronze Membership:   One full Week  U.S $8 

  2. Gold Membership:         Four Weeks     U.S $30

  3. Platinum Membership:      1 year         U.S $90         (Benefits)    

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