Membership Benefits


If you care about fighting for the rights of internet users, the is the place where you can make a difference.  As an WUG member you can get consultation and help on filing complaints for: 

  • Poor internet service
  •  Questions about your bill
  • Hidden fees popping up
  • Incompetent technicians
  • Inconsistency of WiFi configurations
  • Suspicious emails
  • Slow computer/network
  • Restricted Web access
  • Data caps issues
  • Arrogant Internet service provider (ISP) customer service represenatives
  • Being ( tricked) into switching providers by the promise of saving money that never materialized)
  • Prices that were told to you over the phone or otherwise advertised aren’t the same as what shows up on their billing statements.

Web Users Guild represents over 250 million Internet and web users around the world. Providing answers and solutions to questions and concerns.

If you are not already a member, we urge you to consider joining. We offer unwavering protection for all web users. 

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