Major Record Companies in America are signing teenage rappers that promote violence and incivility to multi billion dollar record deals.

 If you’re an aspiring rapper thats loves making music about violence, guns and drugs you are more than likely already being scouted by Major record companies like Universal Music Group, Warner Brothers and Capital Records. Young teenage rappers and musicians are being exploited and presented record deals that season entertainment attorneys are calling modern day slavery contracts.  

Teenage Artists are usually contacted by an A&R or third party company, usually a small label working with a major record label. Then offered a paid trip to Los Angeles or New York to stay in Luxury Hotel than taken on a shopping spree and dinner, than offered a hundred thousand dollar signing bonus.Any Teenager that has lived in a crime infested neighborhood, raised by a single mom or by the neighborhood gangs will sign the contract. 

With very little knowledge of the business/legal aspect of the music and entertainment industry.Major record labels are easily able to present a 60 page contracts to a teenager and get them to sign it. Even when the artist are represented by an attorney.Because the attorney that representing them is usually getting a nice cut, once the contract is signed. So, its in the best interest of the attorney to get the artist to sign. We must not ever forget that attorney’s will do anything for a check.That includes lying. American Attorney’s our some of the greatest liars of all times.

Millions of Teenagers are downloading and streaming “trap music” daily. The demand for the music is so high, Major record companies are pulling out every trick in the book to get a piece of the streaming money.  Streaming companies like Spotify, Apple Music Youtube and Tidal are making millions of dollars monthly from adolescents and teenagers streaming music.