Jews immigrate to America in private planes

White Americans by the thousands are converting To Judaism, daily.

Major Movie Studios Executives in America all have taken off work for Jewish Holiday,Yom Kippur.

1. Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. founded in 1997

  A.  CHAIRMAN: Mark Rachesky, Jewish Born in 1960, MHR Fund Management is a private equity firm focusing on leveraged buyout and distressed securities transactions in the United States.

  B. CEO of Lions gate: Jon Feltheimer, born September 2, 1951,He and his wife are members of Kehillat Israel, a reconstructionist congregation in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles.

2. Weinstein Compnay/ Lantern Entertainment founded in 2005

A. Founder: Bob Weinstein, Born October 18, 1954, Jewish

B. Founder: Harvey Weinstein, Born March 19, 1952, Jewish

3. MGM/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer founded in 1924

A.  CEO: Gary Barber. Born 1957 ,Jewish

4. DreamWorks: founded in 1994

A. Founder Steven Spielberg, Born in 1946 , Jewish

B. Founder:Jeffrey Katzenberg, Born in 1950, Jewish

C. Founder: David Geffen, Born February 21, 1953, Jewish

5. Viacom: founded in 2006

     A. Chairman:Sumner Redstone, Born May 27, 1923, Jewish

6. News corporation, Fox News & 21st Century Fox:  Founded in 1979

     A. Chairman:Rupert Murdoch, Born March 11,193. Jewish

7. Comcast/General Electric: founded in 1963

    A. Chairman: Brian L. Roberts born June 28, 1959,  Jewish


     A. Chairman,Bob Iger born February 19, 1951, Jewish

9. TIME WARNER founded in 1990

    A. Chief Executive Officer CEO:John T. Stankey born 1963, Claims to be Jewish

10. SONY founded in 1946

Couldn’t find anyJewish executives , doesn’t mean that dozens of employees didn’t go toward on September 19th 2018  Yom Kippur, Jewish holiday