Israel walks United states into another war.Joe Biden, Israel Puppet

Joe Biden is not accurate with when he says that Israel is not terrorizing  Palestine  by bombing innocent people , cutting off power and water and  bombing hospitals. Minister Netanyahu has manipulated The U.S President Joe Biden. Cant believe he’s acting liked a foot solder for the people of Israel, while not acknowledging The Palestinian People plight.

President Joe Biden is basically saying that he’s willing to get involved in another middle eastern regional war.Jeopardizing the lives of American civilians again. Today is world mental health day and The U.S president has proven the he himself is in desperate need  of mental health treatment. 

Its time for America to sober up and start speaking  of a peaceful solution instead of threatening the Palestinian  people and their loved ones with military action. Has he thought about the number of Americans  who are gonna be negatively affected.

America and Israel could easily avoid war  by becoming a member of the international Court. Who’s responsible for investigating all wrong doing and quickly pointing out the causes. Israel should be the 1st permanent member due to the experiences of terrorism inflicted on their people, by the German government in the late 1930’s thru early 1940’s.

Israel became the home for the jews who migrated out of Russia and were ousted out of Germany in the mid 1940’s ,who are currently controlling and  occupying 100 percent of that Land. Occupying the Palestinian people. All scientific evidence supports the fact the jewish people occupying Israel has lineage to the biblical people.The zionist Jews are controlling the west bank and that part of the region is in denial of who they really are and where their ancestors came from.Jews have no scientific backed evidence that Israel is their native land.

Majority of Americans overwhelmingly disagree with U.S President Biden support for Israel military, the killing of kids and thousands of innocent people who has no connect to Hamas. The cutting off aid to almost 2.5 million Palestinian families is inhumane in itself and to no that the American government supports actions like this is horrifying.

95 percent of American politicians are in debt to the jews. Meaning that jews sponsor their campaigns or give large donations to American politicians. 

 American Government is a sponsored puppet and supporter of Israel  terrorism regime. Israel plans to walk America into another war has been achieved.