Israel Jews building secret tunnels In New York.

Jews Building secret tunnels in New York  neighborhood; and the U.S.A Media has swept it under the rug as if nothing uncharacteristic is happening.This is what Zionist Jews do.

People are outraged  at the jewish synagogue representatives  blaming a group from their congregation  for the secret tunnel that stretched more than two city blocks. Dozens of jewish people had to be involved, particularly senior officials of the synagogue who should Know or should’ve have known that there are recently built tunnels inside of the synagogue.  Video shows Zionist jews exiting sewers more than a block away from the synagogue. 

 The Tunnel creation did not result from a dispute between two sects over synagogue expansion. Reports from people living in the vicinity of where the tunnel was secretly being built. People who live over the tunnel stated that they’ve been witnessing jewish men for months going in and out sewers and hearing constructions noise at weary hours of the night for months on end.

Jews own almost all the media networks in America, Youtube, Google, ABC, Walt Disney, etc; which is Another reason why this story has not been told or seen in most parts of America.Most Americans are totally unaware of what’s been secretly happening in the most populated city in the country. As the Jewish community continue to threaten the lives of Americans world wide, due to the U.S.A Government military backing and financial support of the genocide thats taking place in Palestine, which has caused the life of  close to 30,000 thousand innocent people. Including over 15,000 kids in the last 120 days. Americans  are being warned not to travel abroad because of Israel actions. The billions of dollars the U.S.A gives Israel annually, is making life for the average citizen living in America, worse.How long will the average Americans have to suffer because of the Selfish and deceitful ways of the Jewish People who have literally illegally, occupied Palestine.

I hope Government officials don’t allow the people who are truly responsible for creating the unauthorized tunnel to buy their way out.

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