Incivility is not Patriotism

No Patriotism in America during Crisis.

Americans have a funny way of showing love during  a crisis. In 1918 over 500 thousand Americans lost their lives during the flu epidemic. But the lost of life  wasn’t as devastating  as the lack of civility that was being displayed amongst Americans during the crisis. The Same thing is happening during the Coronavirus outbreak. U.S government officials and U.S Doctors are recommending social isolation. The months leading up to the Covid 19 Virus Millions of Americans were stockpiling weapons and ammunition. In 2019 U.S averaged a little over 1 mass shooting a day. Thats the most mass shootings in U.S history. It should not come as a surprise that Americans are going out their way to make sure that other Americans aren’t equally supplied with the necessities to make it through the coronavirus pandemic. 

People are being unkind to others. Streets are full of people throwing stones at others. Families are being torn apart, Religion and learning institutions are distorting facts and history. Self entitlement is at an all time high.We are still putting people and families in camps, preventing people from traveling and seeking a better life. Evil is clearly visible and being paraded in all walks of life.  We continue to lie, deceive, manipulate, envy and create obstacles for each other. 

Our creator is wise.

Why aren’t our religious leaders healing people, or performing miracles?

Nobody from any existing religion is being spoken to by the creator of Mankind. In fact creator