Immigration in America

American Media outlets aren’t being truthful about American immigration Problems and are being paid not to be truthful. America does have  a immigration problem but Mexico and other south and central American country citizens aren’t the only ones entering uninvited and remaining.  Jewish People our entering U.S and given citizenship at record numbers. The numbers of jewish owned businesses and schools are sharply increasing in America every year since 1999. Communities that were once diversified are now all jewish. More and more all jewfish communities are popping up all across America Usually in rich communities like Beverley Hills, Fair fax districts of California. Jewish people are silently re-Gentrifying communities in America and renting to Jewish only. There are more Jewish Schools in America then there are black Schools.

If you should walk or drive through neighborhoods and communities throughout the San Fernando Valley in California walk you would think you’re in Armenia. More Armenians in southern California then Hispanics. Millions of Armenians have silently made their way to America and never returned home, Armenian communities and Armenians schools have sprung up all around Southern California unannounced by the local media. Whats terribly wrong with this is that most of the Armenian and Jewish men come too America with fucked up attitudes, very selfish Un-American like. They isolate themselves and only look after their kind. Los Angeles  jewish Mayor Eric Garcetti is behind re-Gentrifying communities while falsely advocating for reducing homelessness. Garcetti has ordered the L.A county sheriff department to destroy homeless encampments throughout the L.A area. The Homeless cant hang around public transportation areas without being harassed by local law enforcement who aren’t trained in creating or sustaining Civility. Garcetti is also behind the push to remove low -income people from their communities. In North Hollywood,Ca Garcetti  is aggressively forcing low income people to relocate by allowing developers to build up scale apartment complexes that raises property value and rent in the community. forcing lower income out.