Illinois Governor giving high paying jobs to Immigrants

Illinois Governor Plans to give Americans jobs to immigrants is not going unnoticed

Billions of dollars in infrastructure  contracts going to immigrants. Illinois governor Pritzker  giving work permits to immigrants soon as they enter Illinois .

Illinois will receive approximately $6.2 billion for transportation to invest in roads, bridges, public transit, ports and airports and roughly $288 million for clean water. Governor Pritzker  plans are to give those jobs to immigrants , cutting out Illinois unemployed residents, Black people will suffer the most because of the governors actions. Almost 80 Percent of the men and women currently working repairing  

Illinois roads are Latinos. How are they getting theses high paying jobs without knowing how to speak English? Who are the contractors?

Governor Pritzker signed a law into affect in 2023 that will allow non citizens to become sworn in police officers in Illinois. 

November 16, 2023. Is planing on spending an extra 150 million to house people coming into America illegally, when there are more than two hundred thousand Illinois struggling to pay rent or have been homeless for more than two years.

Illinois resident living in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country are not receiving any benefits  to help fix up their property or keep the neighborhoods safer.

Wheres the money for the tax payers in Illinois who’s been paying taxes for decades and haven’t received any financial relieve  or benefits that would better their lives. 

Governer Pritzker  has a hidden agenda that seems to be benefiting his billionaire family.

 Over 25,000 immigrants arrived in Chicago so far 2023 and bus loads continue to arrive  daily.

 80 Percent of the immigrants arriving in Chicago are young males in between the age 18 and 28 years of age. reports of immigrants buying cars  and guns  has already surfaced. Chicago Suntimes ran a story on how there are no signs that the men that are arriving in Chicago have no signs of being in gangs or being a terrorist threat.but the story lacks substance and truth. because the men aren’t being vetted before being allowed to roam the streets.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson hasn’t succumb to the demands of black residents that are requesting free Spanish speaking classes  to relate and communicate with the non english speaking migrants entering their neighborhoods.