How could people that are so blessed, be so Evil.

Worlds leading diplomats and conflict resolutions professionals cant stop Israel onslaught of destruction of Palestine .Israel is apparently not listening to the world cry for a ceasefire.Instead Israel military leaders are speaking public about knowingly dropping bombs on civilian refugee camps that are housing kids, and intentionally killing them. As of November 1,  2023. There has been over eight thousand Palestinians  killed and thousands of others unaccounted for, Reports of people stranded under the rubble from buildings that were bombed by Israel military.More than 3 weeks of daily raids  and nightly bomb attack coming from the ground, sea and air, all controlled and orchestrated by Israel and it’s leading Allie The U.S.A . 

Regional Leaders will not remain physically silent

A much larger war is definitely inevitable, I cant imagine neighboring countries  like Iran, Egypt , Turkey, Syria and Saudi Arabia t allow their differences to continue to allow Israel to continue committing genocide and taking the risk of allowing the whole region to eventually controlled buy Western powers. You don’t need to a rocket scientist to know  that Israel  is definitely controlled by the U.S and if Israel has its way, that means the U.S presence and power in the middle east expands, which is not good for any African nation due to the track record of western powers prior colonization. People around the world are outraged at what they are seeing,  and whats more astonishing are the things their local news outlets are not showing and reporting, including war crimes, annexing of land, genocide, Etc.  World nations have not did enough to revoke America and Israel. When will world leaders step up to denounce America and other western countries that support governments like Israel genocidal tactics.

Hopefully the 2023 Israel invasion on Gaza creates the opportunity for people all around the world to become knowledgeable on how Israel became as powerful as they are in just a short time frame.The Zionist Jews that inhabit Israel migrated from Poland, Russia and a few other neighboring countries in that region.Its criminal offense for Zionist jew to take a simple DNA test.

The Hitler Affect

When Jews were being slaughtered in Germany on the order of Hitler, the world came to their rescue, World leaders decided that Hitler actions were inhumane and unjustified, and world war 2 begin.

The Question still exist

What did the jews do to make a Leader of a welcoming country suddenly change his view of an entire people. Germany was the leading nation at the time, Germany had the best scientist, inventors, their economy was booming, one of the main reason Jews migrated their.Hitler didn’t just wake up one morning and say, lets kill all jews. No, that was not the case, the Jewish community was consistently doing something that had to be not in the best interest of Germany. Since the world’s media has only reported on behalf of the jewish community, we have ignored all reports from the Germans who were living doing the time the jews were targeted.