Hitler knew the truth about Zionist Jews

Why did Hitler wanna kill Jews

When Hitlers was  asked why, exterminate the zionist Jews. Hitler responded that these People are natives from Russia pretending to be a people they’re not.They have migrated to Germany to open arms and now they’re acting like they are better than Germans. Jewish owned publications continue to mislead people and have been for decades. The world needs to know the truth about Zionism. What we’re witnessing in Gaza October 2023 is not a coincidence. The plain of the Zionist Jews since arriving in Israel in or and around 1947 was to Annex the land and call the land their own. Despite the land being inhabited by Palestinians.

October 7, 2023   

Hamas attacked Israel because of the unlivable conditions of the Palestinian people for decades. Israel knowingly with the help of the U.S systematically cornered more 2.5 million Palestinian people, Controlling their Power, energy, and the Sea. On October 7, 2023, Hamas attacked Israel and kidnapped over 200 people. The following day Israel responded with an onslaught of bombs killing thousand of kids. The daily bombing lasted more than 31 days, and as of November 7, 2023. More than ten thousand Palestinians have been murdered including more the 4,000 kids not including thousands of victims stilling under rubble.

Evil can’t defeat Evil

Israel Evil ways has gotten the world’s attention.Millions of people around the world are marching in support of Palestine.  Which will definitely get people to research the history of Israel  and all their evil doings. When Hitler actions toward the jewish communities in Germany, were deemed evil, the world responded coming to aid of the jews defeating Hitler and eventually destroying the most powerful military of the world during that time. Now the Zionist government of Israel is replicating Hitlers evil actions by killing thousands of innocent kids and others who have no ties to the group Hamas.

America must prevent Israel from getting them in wars. Which are not in the best interest of America or Israel. America’s insight has been weakened by allowing a non Christian Government to dictate and control the actions of the most powerful nation on earth, supposedly founded on christian values. How could the most holiest land known by mankind be controlled by a people that denies Jesus as being Gods son.