Government Spies posing as IT specialist.

Beware of Government agents posing as IT Guys

Yes, Government spies do camouflage as IT Guys. Hiring IT specialist for things like Hardware Servicing, Network Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Problem Solving can come a very deep price, Probably land you behind bars. Numerous reports from web users who hired IT guys for basic services ended up with their communication devices like Smartphones, computers and tablets hacked. Most say, all their Phone calls were recorded, emails read, and Identity comprised. This is a practice common amongst government trying to keep up with the increasing numbers crimes being committed on the internet.

The term “information technology specialist” has a more specialized meaning within the United States Army, as it is the name of a military occupational strategy area dedicated exclusively to the maintenance, upkeep, and security of national defense computer systems. Uniformed personnel in this strategy area typically have to take specialized courses at military training facilities and have qualification requirements that are separate from those of civilians. After these guys are done serving the military, what do they do?