God is giving the Catholic Church and Notre Dame chance to repent for spreading a false image of Christ

Now that the false image of Jesus Christ has been burnt to ashes at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. The French have an opportunity to rid their wrongs, something that no Catholic nor pope has apologized for. In 1505 Pope Julius II summoned Artist Micheal Angelo to create a false image of Jesu Christ so that the world would believe that God’s only Begotten son was a white man, and for 400 years the painting was foolishly replicated and praised by all Christians.http://www.israelite.net/image.htm

This is one of the greatest sins ever committed by the Catholic church and not one Catholic official has ever apologized for deceiving their followers. King James Bible is full of false images of Jesus Christ. Millions if not Billions of people worldwide are walking around thinking that God’s only begotten son doesn’t have hair like wool and feet like burnt brass. The Truth is something the French don’t want the world to know. So don’t expect them or the Catholic Church to come clean.