Walt Disney promotes homosexuality to kids.

Parents and adult Movie Goers should be appalled at Walt Disney’s attempt to convince adolescents that it’s okay to choose the right to be gay.  There was nothing in the previews that warned me. I was totally caught off guard as well as the three adolescent kids that i took to the theater  to see “Strange World” this thanksgiving weekend.The three boys were very disappointed, we all felt uncomfortable seeing a black adolescent boy portrayed as homosexual, with his parents consent to lust over another Boy.This was totally unacceptable, I felt violated, tricked and deceived.I contacted the parents of the kids that I escorted to the movie and apologized for exposing their kids to homosexuality without their consent. Gabrielle Union who is wife to retired NBA Basketball player Dwayne Wade is staring in the film. Dwayne wade is currently being sued by the mom of teenage son  for allowing their son to change his Gender. Walt Disney should remove the movie from theaters immediately.