First Gay Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio better known as Francis.

With over 1.3 Billion followers globally, one would think that the Catholic religion unequivocally has synergetic relationship with the most high and for centuries people have sacrificed their lively hood, signed over their life savings, making the catholic religion the largest land owner in Europe.On December 19, 2023 pope Francis announced that the catholic church will officially start recognizing same sex marriage. which is totally in opposition to Jesus teaching. Homosexuality existed when Jesus walked the earth, But Jesus never surrender or caved in to the lust of man or women who desired to exercise ungodliness. Jesus openly spoke out about how sinful the act was. If the Catholic church is supposedly founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ, why are they teaching the opposite.

Who are these people, whom call themselves followers of Jesus. Are these the same men that are currently under investigation, being tried and have been found guilty by the court for molesting young boys for decades. Now the Pope wants to publicly announce that the Catholic religion is giving their blessing to people who are knowingly committing sinful acts. These are the signs of a corrupted organization that has no godly ties, that has no connection to the most high. We have been lied to since the religions inception, They have always worked for the devil, something we should know or should’ve have known from the beginning. This should not be shock to most but should be a sign that the devil is alive and he’s controlling some of the most powerful people on the planet.

The Popes Announcement is definitely going to cause division inside the catholic religion. But whats more important is how other religions react to the announcement. Is their going to be another holy war or will other religions follow suit.