Fight Back-Net neutrality

Once again American citizens are being cheated by the one’s that are hired to protect them. There is absolutely  no reason the  FCC should allow companies like ATT and other internet providers to block, or  slow down access to specific online services.

This new rule will have a profound negative affect on every internet user in the U.S and is sure to spreed to every web users around the world.  ATT, Verizon, Tmobile and others are projected to make Billions of dollars shortly after Net Neutrality  is dismantled.


Money Money Money , Greed and the lack of concern for web users world wide.


The best way to show your disapproval of  the governance of the free web, is basically, simple and plain..BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT your internet service provider. Share your Wifi with your neighbors…Probably something  we should’ve done Longtime ago…think about all the money we could save annually.There are 20 to 30 households on each city block and every household is paying for internet separately. If we were smart we would know that all it takes is 4 hot spots for the block…. which means if we work together we can keep are high speed internet bill to around $12 a year.. now thats awesome. but we must work together .Most Americans are not home owners which means majority of Americans live in apartment building with more than 1 family. The Internet providers knowingly charge each family for internet service when they don’t  really have to.. Just greed, pure greed.


If you live in an apartment complex an  have a smartphone go to your wifi settings and search for an internet connection, you should see a host of connections pop up, thats a sign to let  you know that you’re able to get internet service  from anyone of those connections with their permission. Duh.. ask for permission, your neighbors will definitely understand.

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