Facial recognition Technology being used on Kids

Facial recognition Technology unregulated 

 Complaints from Web users around the world about the misuse and sharing of peoples identity by large tech companies Like Facebook, Google, Amazon and others are being ignored. Governments around the world should examine law enforcement and commercial uses of the technology. As of Today law enforcement use of facial recognition is not subject to human oversight and controls?

 The European Union is one of only a few governments world wide that has data protection laws which prohibits companies from collecting the biometric data needed for facial recognition without first obtaining users’ specific consent. The State of Illinois is the only state out of 52 within the U.S  that protects web users. 

Microsoft markets facial recognition software that can detect faces in photos, as well as facial features like hair color, and emotions like anger or disgust, according to the company’s site.

 The company also markets facial recognition software that “enables you to search, identify, and match faces in your private repository of up to one million people,” the site said. Uber has used the technology to verify drivers’ identities, according to Microsoft marketing materials.

 Microsoft employees recently protested the company’s contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal agency that has been involved in the separation of migrant children from their families at the border. In his blog post, Mr. Smith wrote that the company’s contract with that agency “isn’t being used for facial recognition” or to separate families.

April Isenhower, a Microsoft spokeswoman, declined to answer questions about whether the company provided facial recognition services to other government agencies. She also declined to discuss the company’s position on consumer consent for facial recognition.