Lets make sense of this.Evangelicals are born again christians that supposedly follows the gospel of  Jesus Christ, GOD only begotten Son.These are the same people that FALSIFIED THE TRUE IMAGE OF GOD ONLY SON “Jesus Christ” .Where is the validity in any of their practices.How can we as a people continue to believe anything thats comes from the mouth of these people. If they will lie about God’s only son, what won’t they do?

  1. God don’t steal land from people
  2. God would never change the Image of his only Begotten son
  3. God is all about truth, God is not a liar or deceiver. 

History of Evangelicalism:

Evangelicalism didn’t come to life until the 18th century. Created in Britain by a group all white men with no lineage to the true biblical people.Evangelicals founders terrorized nations from African to North America. After killing and enslaving men, women and children the claimed to be born again.  After being born again they continued the same practices of their forefathers.

Everything mentioned above are truths about Evangelicals.The Picture above says everything.

 Wake up People!