Everyone is being spied on

Every smartphone has a tracking device, rather on or off you’re being tracked. Every wireless internet and telephone carrier in every country allows the government of that country VIP access to all data sent and received by every wireless user. Every Social media company, Facebook, Instagram, etc. stores everything you have ever sent or received including pictures, messages, notes, doctors appointments and other personal information. The camera and speaker on your smartphone can be easily controlled by manufactures other hackers even when the phone is off. The manufactures of these smartphones systematically colluded under pressure from governments and telephone service providers to stop making smartphones with detachable batteries. Making every smartphone user trackable at all times. The detachable battery allows you to disconnect the battery from the phone making it almost impossible for the phone to receive or send data. The camera can’t work without the battery. Speaker can’t work without the battery. But if you can never detach the battery the camera and the speaker are always accessible. Allowing bright minds to hear, record, and see at all times even when you’re not aware.

How to prevent it

Find out how to own your Telephone number and the Ip Address assigned to your smartphone(Wireless Phone).