Epidemic of mass killings in America

Incivility has become an epidemic That is negatively affecting every human on earth. Families and communities are being destroyed by this unacceptable behavior that is being replicated and practiced amongst our youth and young adult population. As of December 30, 2019, There’s been over 480 mass shootings in the U.S.A this year alone.Negatively affecting people from all  backgrounds. People are using violence as a means of solving issues that can easily be resolved peacefully. The increase of gun violence should be viewed as life-and-death warning.Most of us, possibly yourself, are wondering where is the next one gonna take place.

Jewish Ownership

While Americans are terrorizing fellow Americans daily, the U.S Jewish owned media have rarely reported any of the 480 mass shootings nationally. But anytime a jewish synagogue or person is attacked, every major news and media outlet through out the country reports about it, non stop for weeks at a time. I hope that my fellow Americans are aware of how bias and none partisan American news media outlets have become. The American people old the Jewish communities absolutely nothing. In fact every Jewish owned corporation should fund the efforts for reparations that are past due to all African Americans living in America currently. Its about time the American people start holding media outlets like Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS. NBC and PBS accountable for putting the the jewish community before the nation of 325 million Americans.

PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) is always showing the suffering of jewish people every year around Christmas and New years. One of the only free national public funded TV channels in America congruously shows old footage of old jewish people that survived and been rewarded threefold, already.On top that they’re still asking for donations.

Americans are not as dumb as the media programers may think. We know that the Jewish community keeps all their money in their community and never gives back. This is the reason Hitler decided enough is enough.