Doctor’s aren’t as smart as people think they are

Not as smart as we think

  When it comes to mental illness and treating mental illnesses most psychiatrist would agree that they aren’t as smart as people think they are. The top four ranking medical schools in the U.S haven’t produced a single Doctor’s that knows how to rid the U.S of its gun violence epidemic. No Psychiatrist that has ever graduated from Harvard, John Hopkins, New York University or Stanford ever learned how to prevent mass shootings.

   How often are people that suffer from a mental illness given conflicting information after seeking a second opinion from a different psychiatrist? What about the advice America’s psychologist is providing to their patients?  America’s gun Problem can easily be attributed to the medical industry. Doctors are knowingly prescribing drugs with side effects that could negatively affect the brain. America’s opioid addiction and love for drugs, in general, is broadly documented. But what’s not documented is the mental condition of the millions of patients that are and have continued taking these drugs for long periods of time. The Boom in gun sales supports the fact that American’s are scared. But who and what they fear aren’t foreigners. More Americans are killing each other now than in anytime in history. How could Schools Like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton gets honors as being some of the best universities in the world with the dark history they have? Not to mention that they have no professors teaching students how to live in harmony with each other, there is no course available that teaches Civility or reverence.

In regards: to the psychiatrist and psychologist that receives their degrees from these universities how can we be assured that they aren’t the ones that are suffering from a mental disturbance.