Division in the Supreme Court

Division in the Supreme court

 America is fully divided and the world is witnessing it 

America’s greatness has definitely diminished in the world. The division amongst its people and its judicial system are signs of more bad things to come. Simple things like people’s privacy and keeping families intact has been politicized and made to look like something very difficult to honor or understand. Polls show that 90 percent of Americans value their privacy and don’t wont government invading on their privacy rights. Government agencies has been freely collecting and tracking the whereabouts  of American citizens with the help of all Major Telephone companies like AT&T, Verizon and Tmobile. Also forcing Major Tech companies Like Apple, Facebook and Google to fork over all your personal information without a warrant. Not only are they able to track you but they have been known to keep record of all your closest associates. Well, How could the Supreme court judges be so divided on this simple human rights issue(Privacy). Currently their are 5 supreme court judges appointed by a Republican President and 4 that were appointed by a Democratic President and rarely if any do they agree on anything. Their decisions on everything are usually along their party Lines, Meaning that they are loyal to the party to whom president that appointed them belongs too.

Look whats going on with the current administration policies on immigration. why did it take our judges and politicians more than a year to realize that separating kids from their families are immoral. Its how we handle the simple things that makes the world out side of America begin to realize that this is who America is and has been since the early 1600’s.

All America bloat’s bout is how strong their armed forces our. How many weapons they have and how many ways they can kill you. These our bully tactics. I am very sadden by what i’m witnessing, i’ve been taught to stand up to bullies and I recommend the same to everybody that reads this article.