Civility Test For Americans

Will We Be kind to Others ?

During the worse pandemic we have ever faced. People around the world are showing signs of incivility. When government officials are recommending the general public remain calm and don’t over overstock  or hoard. The fear in Americans  aren’t giving others the opportunity to get basic needs for survival.  Americans are over shopping buying more than they need and then reselling the items online for triple the price. This is causing a frenzy,  People are going out their way to make it harder for their neighbors. If this continues every city in America will become a Police state. We all know what that breeds, corruption Crime and death. Everybody has to eat,  and people will do what ever it takes to survive, so please be kind to others and share.

People aren’t working and which means people aren’t getting paid.Before the pandemic, more then half of the population was living check to check. Now that their not working, how are they gonna survive? People please think, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to  know that things will be much easier for ourselves, our families and loves ones if we all starting practicing civility.