Citgo gas stations caught cheating in poor neighborhods.

Citgo gas station Metaethical practices in poor and minority communities have been going un noticed for decades until recently. Due to the lack of regulations, gas stations have been able  to use deception,  trickery to fraud and swindle communities out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Illinois average gas price is $3.89  which is one of the highest in the country, on top of that, you have to worry about, if the gas stations is giving you the amount of gas that you’re paying for. Citgo conniving business practices in the some of the poorest neighborhoods in the  U.S.A is totally unacceptable. Citgo gas station Located on the South east corner of 67th & Halsted, Englewood community of Chicago is knowingly cheating consumers out of purchased gasoline. On may 14, 2024 I purchased a gallon of gas for my lawn-mower, When I started pumping the gas, the gas didnt start coming out of the pump until the price meter reached  ¢45 to ¢50 cents. After complaining to managers at the Gas station,  I was given credit. I Went back two days later and the same thing happen again which lets me know that i’m not the only consumer thats being taken advantage of. One would never know that their being cheated because the gas is going directly in to their vehicle. But when you purchase gas that goes inside a portable container you will definitely recognize the fraud and deception.

Commissioner of Chicago’s business affairs consumer protection (BACP)  headed by Mario Treto who’s in charge of regulating  the gas stations business practices should know or should’ve known about the fraud and deception taking place on his watch.But since most of the crimes are being committed in poor under privileged neighborhoods, a blind eye was taken. 

How could this be allowed to happen. Not Surprising in Illinois  which is rated as the most corrupted state in the U.S.A. At Helms of Governor JB Pritzker and his family businesses and organizations operating secretly all through the state. Shielding their earnings from taxes through a series of trusts, The Pritzker family are Ukranian Jews by religion and are proud philanthropist for the state of Israel.Donating and raising Hundreds of millions of dollars annually for the state of Israel. No public figure should be allowed to contribute to genocide.This should be public information