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South Africa land seizure, well over due

Land Seizures in South Africa long over due South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced this month his government will enforce a change in the constitution to allow the expropriation of land without compensation. According to the ruling Africa National Congress party (ANC), the white minority in the country still own most of the land more […]

Is the Catholic Church working For Satan

The catholic church knew about priest, bishops and other high ranking officials sexually abusing little boys and girls for over seven decades and never informed any of their faithful followers. But don’t expect nothing to change with the followers. People are still going to continue to attend mass and donate money in large amounts to […]

Vengeance instead of forgiveness

you cant lock Evil up

Vengeance instead of forgiveness

 What’s justice.

People wanting other people to suffer is snowballing world wide. Every time someone is effected by a crime our media outlets shows the victim or family members of the victim screaming for justice. But how do you define justice in a world where one percent of the worlds population owns almost ninety percent of the worlds wealth. 


Saudi Arabia keeps showing the world its serpent ways

 Everybody knows that most of the worlds most dangerous terrorist ever known to mankind all derived out of Saudi Arabia, in fact Fifteen of the 19 hijackers that participated in the worse terrorist attack ever committed in United States of America were citizens of Saudi Arabia. Still today  Saudi Arabia continues to kill kids and […]

No loans for Black People

Why is It so hard for Black people in America to get Loans? There are no full powered Black owned broadcasting stations in America and there is only one Black owned bank west of the state of Texas. Anybody can get a loan unless their Black. For centuries America’s politician’s and the general public […]

Facial recognition Technology being used on Kids

Facial recognition Technology unregulated   Complaints from Web users around the world about the misuse and sharing of peoples identity by large tech companies Like Facebook, Google, Amazon and others are being ignored. Governments around the world should examine law enforcement and commercial uses of the technology. As of Today law enforcement use of facial recognition […]

Facebook records you 24 hours a day

Facebook app watches and records you 24 hours a day.  Research scientists at Northwestern University in Boston spent a year trying to determine whether or not smartphone applications are secretly recording our private conversations to send personal data to advertisers. Fortunately, the researchers did not find any evidence to support that long-held theory. They did, […]

Why do Royal Families still exist in Western countries?

Britain’s royal family wedding seem undemocratic, antiquated and very disrespectful and it’s Hard to believe that a democratic country like United States of America and all major Media outlets seems so obsessed with flooding the American public with unwanted news. ninety percent of the U.S public don’t give a fuck about the royal family of Britain. There […]

Will Artificial intelligence replace judges in America

With a growing numbers of states facing bankruptcy and more and more Americans living below poverty levels the likely hood of replacing judges with robots is the wises thing to do. The justice systems in three of the five largest cities in America rely on unethical payments from citizens accused of traffic and parking violations to fund the courts. The average Fee for a parking meter violation is $45.00 dollars.Thats no matter if you've already (more…)

$$Loans for Web Based companies

The WEB USERS GUILD provides an all-encompassing and perfect solution to challenges Web Users users face now and will face in the near to intermediate term. Plus there are many added incentives for web users to join including financial incentives. There is nothing available to address the issues of this huge group of web users which number into the Billions worldwide. THE GUILD vast array of lenders understands the fundamental needs of this gigantic and ever-growing market. (more…)