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Christian​s and Guns

Christian Gun Owners America the Christian Nation has more gun owners than any other country in the world. The average citizen goes to church on Sunday, listens to the pastor prayers, pays his or her ties then returns home to do the same thing they were doing the week prior.  As crime, corruption, inequality, injustice, and
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My TV and Internet bill: part 1

Tv and Internet providers worldwide are charging customers way too much for the services they provide. There is no excuse for terrible customer service. In America, the leading TV And Internet service provider is a foreign company that was founded in the U.K. Racal Electronics plc founded in 1950 was a British electronics company, that
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I’m Not A Grinch

I’m not a Grinch  The catholic church has had 266 popes and never have “one of them” performed a miracle, healed a man or woman and definitely never given any blind person their eyesight. Actually The Catholic Church is responsible for attempting to decieve the world and its followers with artwork forging the true identity
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