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Black America, Shame On You

Every black person in America has a family member that has served prison time or is currently  serving prison time.Even as more and more black people are going to the voters both in America nothing is changing. Income equality has gotten worse, Black unemployment is still high, Blacks living below the poverty level is high, Black communities are still riddled with crime and a lack of resources, and the politicians from both parties haven’t done anything to stop the justice system form continuing to send black men to prison. The numbers are staggering. The United States of America has the



America Is in Intensive Care  America has been sick for a while, and has avoided  treatment that could’ve have cured her, now the ill effects of her racism, off shore hiring of cheap labor, wealth inequality, government corruption,  war-mongering, ignoring  global warming, weak gun control policies, police brutality, unfair judicial system, and weapon manufacturing have become life threatening with no cure.  (more…)

Dark history of America’s top universities

The dark History of America’s top universities  One would think that a degree from one of America’s top universities would be great thing for society. Schools Like Harvard, Princeton and Yale Hands out thousands of degrees yearly but America remains one of the most racist and segregated countries on the planet. Which leads to the question, what are these students truly  learning at these (more…)

Jews immigrate to America in private planes

White Americans by the thousands are converting To Judaism, daily. Major Movie Studios Executives in America all have taken off work for Jewish Holiday,Yom Kippur. 1. Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. founded in 1997   A.  CHAIRMAN: Mark Rachesky, Jewish Born in 1960, MHR Fund Management is a private equity firm focusing on leveraged buyout and distressed securities transactions in the United States. (more…)

History of John McCain

Senator McCain isn’t worthy of any recognition   Senator John McCain was a straight out racist just like Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, the person McCain chose to be his running mate in 2008. Why should anybody of color honor him. His records stands for itself. He voted for the war in Iraq. He […]

2.5 Million U.S Prisoners Unifying

2.5 million prisoners coming together for change America’s prison population is the largest in the world with over 2.5 million men incarcerated in private and state owned prisons. Most are forced to work for 8 to 12 hours a day for less then 13 cents a hour. Instead of giving back to the low income […]

America chooses weapons over education

U.S Government chooses Weapons over Education U.S has announced a $719 Billion dollar defense policy bill for their armed forces. While department of Education 2018 Budget is less than $45 Billion.  President Donald Trump signed and announced that U.S armed forces will be getting new planes, new nuclear bombs and a host of other deadly […]

Facial recognition Technology being used on Kids

Facial recognition Technology unregulated   Complaints from Web users around the world about the misuse and sharing of peoples identity by large tech companies Like Facebook, Google, Amazon and others are being ignored. Governments around the world should examine law enforcement and commercial uses of the technology. As of Today law enforcement use of facial recognition […]

The two men who created the domain name system(DNS) used tax payers dollars to fund their research.

Did the men who created the internet get suckered  by the governments that funded them or are they part of the scheme The internet has become much more “centralised” (in the tech crowd’s terminology) than it was even ten years ago. Both in the West and in China, the activities this global network of networks makes possible are dominated by a few giants, from Facebook to Tencent. this pattern—a disruptive new network being infiltrated by a new hierarchy—has many (more…)

Division in the Supreme Court

Division in the Supreme court  America is fully divided and the world is witnessing it  America’s greatness has definitely diminished in the world. The division amongst its people and its judicial system are signs of more bad things to come. Simple things like people’s privacy and keeping families intact has been politicized and made to […]

U.S has the most Expensive Internet rates in the world. why? We created the internet.

internet Prices continues to rise

The internet service providers are raking in super profits while blatantly shortchanging the consumers by not giving them what they actually paid for. Over 300,000 complaints where filed against wireless phone companies and cable companies is 2015 according to FTC. The number of complaints increased by 50,000 in 2016. (more…)