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Who Is: Kamala Harris

Well, her mom thinks she a pathological lier, and has been one as long as she can remember, these are words coming from a parent that raised the potential candidate for U.S president. Pamela Harris has a long history of putting innocent people in jail and fighting against innovation. Her population soared during the rise […]

Who is: William Barr

William Barr helped write the handbook on mass incarceration in the 1990s —that led to a 800% increase of the prison population. William Barr actions left millions of young boys girls of color without father’s something that Mr.Barr should’ve known what the results of his actions would lead to. No excuse Brief history of William […]

Who is Mike Pompeo

Who is Mike Pompeo  Born to racist parents Dorothy (née Mercer) and Wayne Pompeo in Orange County, California on December 30, 1963. Mr Pompeo racist views  were fostered by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church were he served s  and taught Sunday school. Currently the city of Orange is ranked as one of the most racist cities […]

Medicated Heroes

Why do governments and citizens of christian nations call men that Kill others “Heroes”. American teachers, politicians and religious figures all Honor men that serve in the military as heroes.  A large percentage of military men and women that are returning from fighting in Americas latest wars are now hooked on drugs and suffering from […]

U.S pleads guilty again

U.S  pleads guilty to hiding the truth about the real inventor of the Telephone. 145 years later Italian inventor Antonio Meucci is finally recognized. Who benefited from the conspiracy? How many other lies are being hidden by the government of United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) and why should they be trusted.The specialist that work at this prestigious   government agency should know or should’ve known Graham Bell was not the original inventor of the Telephone and it shouldn’t have taken them 145 years to right their wrongs. (more…)

Rent control in L.A

Rent Control in L.A   Every safe neighborhood in L.A is kicking out poor people. Foreigner’s coming to America  buying up land and reshaping neighborhoods to fulfill their Greed.  North Hollywood California has seen 80 percent of the people who lived in the community for a decade or more forced out due to lack of […]

Black Judges in America

BLACK JUDGES IN AMERICA The number of black judges has increased, so has the Black and brown prison population. Either these judges enjoy serving Satan or they seriously lack Civility. Now it’s the Black Women turn to provide justice. 19 black female judges broke barriers as they were elected as county judges in Harris County […]

Private Military death squads

“Blackwater” Private Military company new name is“Academi/Constellis” Blackwater private military company was founded in 1997 by a well known proclaimed racist Eric Prince after serving in the United States of America naval academy for a few years.  What do they do? Kill People With no oversight they’re able to arrest, detain and murder people at […]