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United States Patent and Trademark Office and Google’s unannounced partnership The United States Patent and Trademark Office employees are referring people that are looking for information regarding Patents or other intellectual property’s issued out prior to 1978 to We contacted the USPTO regarding the inventor of the Wireless Telephone numbering code system. This is the
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ATT must pay the heirs of the inventor of the ®™©Wireless Telephone, Nathan B. Stubblefield

ATT is the first of many telecommunication companies that have found out that they must pay for the telephone numbers that they issue to their users for ®™©Wireless Telephone service. The American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T) was founded in 1885 by Alexander Graham Bell, nine years after the U.S. Patent Office wrongfully issued patent 174,465
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Ilhan Omar, we thank you

About time the American people have an elected official that openly and rightfully condemns Israel. for the last 30 years America public has witnessed the uncivil actions of Israel toward it neighbors in the middle east aided by the government of the U.S. Now constructive dialogue are being had about the influence of Israel in America politics.
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