You’re Fired for Boycotting Israel?

Israel spent close to $5 billion dollars to get president Trump elected and no media outlets have mentioned a word about the negative impact it had on American elections. 26 of the 50 states in America has mandatory laws that ban employees from boycotting Israel. These secret Laws were passed by Republicans as well as Democrats alike. Israel is quietly taking over American Government, Funding politicians from both Parties and no one is saying a word. The freedom of speech law in the U.S does not apply when it comes to Israel. Even the supreme court judges have taken a blind eye to people being denied employment unless they sign a contract agreeing not to boycott Israel. CNN Network fired Journalist Marc Lamont for speaking up against the injustice being committed by Israel And their government toward the Palestinians. Israel continues to suppress open transparency media reporting about the territory they have illegally occupied since 1967. Israel is destroying American Lives by getting Americans to support inhuman laws. If they’re doing in America, they’re doing it other countries as well. hello, Australia

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