Black security Guards

I’m noticing  more and more black men and women wearing security job suites. When I walk in the Grocery store, when i’m walking through the mall,  retail stores like Saks fifth avenue, Prada, Gucci and all the other top designer stores alI I see is Black security guards. When I walk in my office building all the security guards are black men and women. When I walk in my apartment building the security Guard is black.

90 percent of them have no guns, and most are women who are uneducated with no license to carry a weapon.  Willing to risk their lives for someone else’s gain. 

The top 10 security guard companies in the U.S are owned and operated by non black men or women.

Since the Black Lives Matter movement, white owned and operated security guard companies like Securitas, which have no Black board members have been booming. Hiring more black people to but their lives at risk to guard and protect white owned businesses and properties. 

Bottom of the barrel  gigs like Security Jobs are the easiest jobs to get. Skills and education level needed are minimal and the pay varies from minimum wage to $20 dollars a hour.  The risk is definitely not worth the pay, but people continue to apply for these jobs  because they’re easy to get and security guard companies will hire almost anybody just to stand around in an officer suite showing a presence and pretending to protect.

Black people please stop risking your lives.There are so many different opportunities and careers accessible to you.