Banks Made $237 Billion dollars in 2018

Hard to believe that just 10 years ago 90 percent of U.S banks were bankrupt desperately in need of a bailout. Before the effects could trikle down to the average citizen . president Obama came to their rescue by issuing out $770 Billion dollars of tax payers money to keep the banks in operation. Still today, not one single person has served jail time for the banks criminal activities, instead, the banks have become more sophiscated criminals, more unnecessary fees, less bank tellers, more automated machines replacing humans, higher pay for executives, They give nothing back to the community. banks arent giving loans out to people who need them, Banks aren’t doing anything to help small businesses. but they are giving loans in record numbers to foerigners who are regentrifying poor and middle-class neighborhood by building new housing complexes for luxury living. Another reason the homeless rate has skyrocketed in the last 4 years.